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New Installation

Thank you for considering Green Cooling Solutions for your new H.V.A.C system! 

As you go through this process, keep in mind that the company you hire to install your new A/C system is the single most important decision you will make in this entire process!

The day the system is installed is the most critical day in its life and will determine how long-lasting and trouble-free your new system will be.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • You will want to hire a company who follows the ‘Industries Best Practices’ for installation procedures. This includes purging the freon pipes with nitrogen while soldering them, evacuating the system to 350 microns and also measuring the duct work to make sure it's the correct size.
  • You will want to hire a company that will also test your duct work for leakage using calibrated instruments and science (not simply feeling around). 20% duct leakage (which is not uncommon) can reduce the SEER of your equipment by over 5 points! So, your new 18 SEER system will have a real-world SEER of 12.5 with 20% duct leakage! A simple duct leakage test will ensure you get the efficiency you paid for.
  • You will want to hire a company that will assess your attic insulation levels, perform a load calculation on your home and one that will obtain the proper building permits on your behalf.
  • You will want to hire a company who, after the installation is performed, will provide you with a ‘Performance Verification’. A Performance Verification features a series of tests on your new equipment that will prove (or disprove) the performance of the equipment and ensure that you are receiving the rated capacity and efficiency that you paid for.
  • You will want to hire a company that is consistently ranked in the top 5 % of all dealers in the country, for having the fewest warranty claims after installations (few warranties = installation quality).
  • You will want to hire a company who not only meets local building codes but exceeds them.

To make your purchase stress-free, we have numerous financing options including 18 months Same as Cash. We also accept all major credit cards!

In short, you will want to hire us!

We look forward to visiting your home and assessing your needs. 

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