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Air Filters - Why It's Important.

Changing your air filters regularly is an important component to keep your heating and cooling systems in top working condition. But often, this simple maintenance issue is overlooked. 

Dirty Air Filters Can Cause All Kinds Of Issues

  • The blower fan in the HVAC system has to work harder to push air and causes the system to use more energy. This leads to higher energy bills and unnecessary strain on the equipment. 
  • Dirty air filters can also cause your living spaces to have less than adequate air flow which results in a less comfortable-feeling home and can cause thermostats within the home to over-correct, adding additional strain on the fan motor. Overheating of the system can cause the system to malfuntion and shutdown.
  • Old air filters can also be a source where mold or bacteria can grow. Changing the air filters regularly avoids this problem. 
  • When air filters are clogged, more dust and particulates can settle on household surfaces and within the ductwork. Changing your air filters is less costly and a much preferred method to control the air quality in your home over a more involved duct cleaning service.

Green Cooling Solutions recommends the following air filter products:

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